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Thetford N80 Deluxe Caravan Fridge

Thetford's most compact absorption fridge for use in caravans and motorhome's

Compact yet spacious

Introducing the N80 Deluxe Fridge, Thetford's most compact absorption fridge available from their Norcold range! Featuring an 80 litre capacity, the Thetford N80 deluxe fridge provides first class cooling performance, comes with a three year guarantee and unlike some other fridges, runs ceaselessly quiet.

Adjustable and keeps contents secure on the road

Accommodating to a variety of food, drink and organisational needs, the Thetford N80 deluxe fridge comes with 2 door trays, 2 shelves and a bottle slide (to keep your drinks secure whilst driving), all of which are completely flexible to adjust to your storage needs.

Capable of refrigeration and freezing!

The Thetford N80 Deluxe fridge also comes equipped with Piezo ignition and a low door revealing the control panel. An added freezer compartment also makes this Thetford fridge ideal for frozen goods or even making ice cubes.

thetford N80 deluxe caravan fridge


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