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Dometic Air Conditioners UK

Dometic offer a range Air conditioning units for caravans and motorhomes

The selection of your unit is decided by the internal length of the leisure vehicle and where you wish to fit the unit.

The choice is whether you wish to mount on the roof and keep all of your available interior space, or conceal the very popular Dometic HB2500 in a locker or bedbox. Remember that the HB2500 needs to breath through the floor so take into account that two rectangular openings and a drain, - for condensate - needs to be allowed for.

A furthur decision is whether to consider the innovative Freshlight 1600 or Freshlight 2200. These units allow natural light to enter through a fixed glazed area, and come with a blackout blind for night time. They include built in lights for soft lighting in the evening. The Freshlights match the output of their equivalent B1600 Plus and B2200 Plus but do require a bigger cut out. Should you wish to remove a Freshlight 1600 or Freshlight 2200 air con when you sell the caravan or motorhome, the Seitz Midi Heki fits that apperture exactly!

Remember all Air Conditioners heat as well as cool EXCEPT the Dometic Freshjet 1100. All of the following models;- The Dometic B1600 Plus, The Dometic Freshlight 1600, The Dometic B2200, The Dometic Freshlight 2200, The Dometic B2600 and The Dometic HB2500 come with Remote Controls for all functions.

All Dometic Air Conditioners come as Mains Voltage 220-240 Volts AC units. To power off 12 or 24 Volts DC, a suitable 'Dometic AC Kit' or similar is required to be fitted to the vehicle.

Most Motorhome Roofs will accept the weight of a Air Conditioner, but please check with your Caravan manufacturer regarding the suitability for your 'van.


dometic ca1000 air conditioning unit

Dometic Freshjet motorhome air conditioning unit

dometic b1500s air conditioning unit

To buy this range of air conditioners, accessories and DC kits head to our sister site click here

dometic b2200 air conditioning unit


dometic b3200 air conditioning unit

dometic freshlight air conditioning

dometic freshlight air conditioning


Air conditioners - overview of vehicle lengths






Dometic FreshJet 1100

Dometic B 1600PLUS
Freshlight 1600

Dometic B2200
Freshlight 2200

Dometic B 2600
HB 2500


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