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Waeco Tropicool TB-15G Cool box

The 15 Litre luxury car cooler from Waeco

Designed for a seamless fit

Boasting a generous 15 litre capacity for snacks and beverages, the Waeco Tropicool TB-15G Cool Box is a well built, luxury cooler designed and shaped to fit tidily into the center of the back seat of your car.

A secure, dual function appliance

Its sleek design enables the Waeco Tropicool TB-15G to be used as an armrest for two rear seat passengers, and also provides it with the perfect dimensions to be secured safely to the seat by a standard car seat belt.

Switch between cooling and heating with ease

The Waeco Tropicool TB-15G Cool Box is powered by the 12v 'cigarette lighter' car power supply whilst ignition is on, and can not only cool up to 20 °C below the ambient temperature, but can also heat up to a maximum temperature of 65°C (simply by using the switch on the Waeco TB-15G to reverse polarity and produce warmth instead of cold) making this a dynamic and dexterous choice.

tb15g waeco tropicool coolbox

Waeco Tropciool Cool box TB-15G 15 Litre CapacityThe Waeco Tropicool TB15G Cool Box can be secured into place with a seat belt.Dimensions for the tropicool tb15 coolbox

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TB-15G Cool box

Gross Capacity (litres) 15
Voltage 12 volts DC
Temperature Range In the cooling mode: up to 20°C below the ambient temperature,
in the heating mode: interior temperature limited by thermostat at +65°C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 282 x 238 x 462 mm
Weight (kg) 5.2Kg
Quality Features LED indicators for cooling/heating function and battery monitor, safe fastening on the vehicle seat with the safety belt, extensible fastening rail to avoid tilting in case of a sudden stop, safe pressure closure, ABS (Active Battery Security), accommodates 1.5- and 2-litre returnable bottles, can be switched to cold/warm, serves as an armrest for extra comfort when fitted on the rear seat.


Battery Monitor

  • Enables auto cut-off at low battery & cut-in at normal
  • LED's Indicate Status
  • Cable length: 1 metre
  • Cut-Off: 11.6 Volts
  • Cut-In: 12.8 Volts
  • Current: 5 Amps Max

Mobitronic 230v - 12v Rectifier (Mains Adaptor 230v > 12v)
  • For units that do not have 12v/mains as standard
  • Allows all 12v products to be used from 230v mains power supply
  • Input: 220 volt - 240 volt mains
  • Output: 12v / 60 watts / 5 amp
  • Standard 3 pin household plug connects to your power supply
  • Car cigarette lighter socket allows connection to your appliance
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Size (HxWxD): 11.5 x 17 x 6.5 cm

waeco mobicool s32 cool bag camping cool box

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