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Dometic (Waeco) CR50 Coolmatic 2 way Caravan and Campervan Fridge

A 2 way compressor fridge for use in boats, campervans and caravans

The Waeco CR50 compressor fridge is an ideal solution for compact spaces, campervan, boat or small caravan.


The CR-50 has been updated to the CRX-50 click here


Low power consumption and can be run off solar!

All the Waeco refrigerators are fitted with Danfoss compressors which mean they have an extremely low running consumption which is ideal for holidays in remote areas with no mains power (The Waeco CR50 can even be run off solar panels). This refrigerator also contains a 5 litre freezer compartment which maintains a temperature of -18 whilst the rest of the fridge stays at 5 to 7 degrees. So whether you’re thinking of converting your own campervan or upgrading from a Dometic RM122 or RM123 to a more energy efficient fridge, you can't go far wrong with a CRX50 fridge!

waeco cr50 fridge with open door

cr50 door open

cr-50 fridge door closed

crx50 chrome closed door

CR-50 Campervan fridge

cr-50 campervan fridge dimensions

Please note

Waeco fridges are made by Dometic, Dometic have now re-named Waeco fridges "Dometic" they're the same fridge but now with the Dometic badge

Manual for Waeco CoolMatic CR50 Campervan FridgeManual for Waeco CoolMatic CR50 Campervan Fridge


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Waeco CoolMatic CR50 Motorhome Marine Campervan and Caravan Fridge

Gross Capacity Approx. 48 litres including 5-litre freezer compartment


12/24 volts DC

Average Power Consumption Approx. 40 watts

Current Consumption (12 volts DC):

1.4  Ah/h at +25°C ambient temperature,
1.7 Ah/h at +32°C ambient temperature,
both at +5°C interior temperature and -18°C in the freezer compartment

Material Stainless steel fittings, plastic interior, plastic door frame, body with coated metal frame
Built In Dimension (WxHxD) Without door:
380 x 534 x 447 mm
With standard frame:
384 x 536 x 447 mm
With flush-mount frame:
406 x 536 x 495 mm


19 kg

Quality Features
Interior light, door with magnetic seal, variable door mounts and locks right/left, door with double lock (top/bottom) and dual function (locking/ventilation), separately insulated 3-star freezer compartment, additional, foamed rear-wall evaporator in the interior, easy-to-change decor panel