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Dometic (Waeco) CoolMatic CRX110 Caravan and Marine Compressor Fridge UK

The Dometic CRX110 Compressor Refrigerator for use in Motorhome's, Boats, and Caravans.

The Dometic Waeco CRX-110, provides an enormous 108 Litres of capacity, with a 10 Litre full width freezer. Again with all of the standard features, the Waeco CRX-110 has the choice of fitting frames, or can be fitted as it comes. Patented door lock, recessed handles, and cool blue lighting. Low 12v or 24v consumption and an option for direct mains hook up with the optional MPS35 unit.

Dometic CoolMatic CRX110 Caravan and Marine Compressor Fridge

Waeco CoolMatic CRX110 Caravan and Marine Compressor Fridge

Waeco CoolMatic CRX110 Caravan Motorhome and Marine Fridge

cr50 chrome closed door

Waeco CRX-110 flush frame

Waeco CRX-110 regular frame

Waeco CRX110 dimensions

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Waeco CoolMatic CRX110 Caravan and Marine Compressor Fridge
Waeco CRX110 12v 24v Compressor Fridge
Waeco CRX 110 regular frame
Waeco CRX110 Standard Frame
Waeco CRX 110 flush frame
Waeco CRX110 Flush Frame
Waeco MPS35 Mains Adaptor
Waeco MPS35 Mains Adaptor

Please note

Waeco fridges are made by Dometic, Dometic have now re-named Waeco fridges "Dometic" they're the same fridge but now with the Dometic badge.

Manual for Waeco CoolMatic CRX-110 Caravan FridgeManual for Waeco CoolMatic CR-110 Camping Fridge

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Model Waeco CoolMatic CRX-110 Caravan Motorhome Fridge
Gross Capacity Approx. 110 litres including 10.2-litre freezer compartment
Voltage 12/24 volts DC
Average Power Consumption Approx. 50 watts
Current Consumption (12 volts DC): 2.2  Ah/h at +25°C ambient temperature,
2.5 Ah/h at +32°C ambient temperature,
both at +5°C interior temperature and -18°C in the freezer compartment
Material Stainless steel fittings, plastic interior, plastic door frame, body with coated metal frame
Colour Body: black, door frame: silver, door panel: matt silver (brushed stainless steel appearance)
Built In Dimension (WxHxD) Without door:
520 x 745 x 505 mm
With standard frame:
524 x 747 x 505 mm
With flush-mount frame:
546 x 747 x 553 mm
Weight 28 kg
Quality Features
Interior light, door with magnetic seal, variable door mounts and locks right/left, door with double lock (top/bottom) and dual function (locking/ventilation), separately insulated 3-star freezer compartment, additional, foamed rear-wall evaporator in the interior, easy-to-change decor panel