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Thetford Cassette C-200 CS Caravan Toilet

A high quality cassette toilet with electric flush

Thetford Cassette Toilet

For use in vehicles with own mains water tank

Featuring a convenient touch button electric flush, and a 17 litre waste tank (which uses the vehicles main water tank for flush water) the Thetford C-200 CS Caravan Toilet is designed for use in motorhomes and caravans which have their own mains water tank.

Adjustable toilet bowl

The Thetford C-200 CS Caravan Toilet can be fitted freestanding against a wall of your motorhome or caravan, and also benefits from the addition of a toilet bowl which can be swiveled 180 degrees to free up essential bathroom space!


  • Finish: White
  • Flush: electric (12V)
  • Integrated pour-out-spout: Yes
  • Integrated flush water tank: No
  • Separate toilet tissue storage compartment: No
  • Waste tank capacity: 17L
  • Flush water tank capacity: Dependent upon vehicle’s central water tank.

thetford C200 CS toilet dimensions

thetford cassette c-200 cs caravan toilet


This has been replaced by the Thetford C223CS (Please note: the foot print is not the same!)


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Thetford C200 CS caravan toilet installation manual

Waste Tank Access Door for Thetford Cassette C200 CW/CS Caravan Toilet

The Thetford access door for the cassette C200 toilets has a built in lock

access door for thetford c200 portable toilet




ThetfordSanitation Products / Chemical Additives

To ensure the efficient operation of chemical toilets, it is necessary to use toilet additives. Thetford offers a complete range of toilet additives to suit the varying needs of mobile toilets for camping, caravanning and domestic use.

What do Thetford toilet additives do? …Thetford waste holding tank additives reduce unpleasant odours and gas build-up. They break down waste matter in toilet holding tanks and prevent clogging. They also prevent deposits from sticking to the inside of waste tanks. Toilet additives are necessary to make mobile sanitation systems work trouble free. Our flush water tank additives keep the water ‘fresh’, ensures a smoother, better flush and leaves a protective film in the toilet bowl.

What types of additives are available for chemical toilets? …There are additives for the waste holding tank, for the flush water tank and there are maintenance products.  Your chemical toilet in general requires two main chemicals, the chemical for the bottom "waste" tank, either Aquakem blue or green is suitable and is essential, and flushing fluid "Aqua rinse" which is optional and is added to the flushing water top tank.  Although Aqua Rinse is not essential it makes usage of a chemical toilet a more pleasant experience.

thetford porta potti toilet chemicals

thetford aquakem blue

AquaKem Blue Waste Tank Additive

AquaKem Blue breaks down waste matter and controls odours in all portable toilets and Porta Potti’s. Aquakem Blue is not suitable for use with Septic Tanks.



thetford aquakem green

AquaKem Green Waste Tank Additive

Aquakem Green is both powerful and effective at neutralizing waste and is suitable for use with septic tanks too.



thetford aquarinse pink

AquaRinse Pink Water Tank Additive

AquaRinse Pink is use to keep the water in the flush tank fresh, it also leaves a protective film over the toilet bowl.



thetford tank freshener

Thetford Tank Freshner

Thetford Tank freshener fluid, reduces deposits and grease contamination in tank and pipework in cassette. For use in Thetford and other portable toilets.
Pleasantly pine scented
Safe for use with all plastics.




Thetford Triple Pack

The Thetford triple pack contains everything you need to get started using your toilet. It includes:

  • 1.5 Litres AquaKem Blue
  • 1.5 Litres AquaRinse Pink
  • 4 Pack of AquaSoft Toilet Rolls




thetford aquasoft toilet rolls

Aqua Soft Toilet Rolls

Aqua Soft toilet rolls specially formulated for chemical toilets, Aqua Soft toilet rolls dissolve easily and do not block tanks or waste valves. 4 Pack