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Dometic RMS8501 Caravan Fridge

Modern absorption fridge for use in motorhomes and caravans


Dometic RM8501 Motorhome Fridge

Caravan Fridge RM8501Dometic RM8501 Diagram

Dometic 8 Series RMS8501 caravan fridge

Easy to use, stylish and ultra-efficient. The RMS8501 fridge sets new standards for absorption refrigerators, Innovative designs and colourful accents transform the high-quality appliances into stylish design pieces. On the outside, décor panels help them blend in with furniture while the inside is illuminated with energy efficient LED lights that radiate a pleasant cool blue light. A host of user friendly features add the finishing touch. The Dometic RMS8501 has a new control panel with integrated LED display and electronic control system which employs visual alarm systems, exchangable door sealing, ergonomic door shelves with spill protection and modular shelving. The Dometic RMS8501 is available with the MES system (Manual Energy Selector) which has an electronic reigniter, which registers a dying flame and reignites it. Simply turn the controls to select the energy source manually, thermostatic control for all energy sources. The 8-Series models consume up to 15% less 12v energy when operating on gas.

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Installation Manual for RMS8501 Absorption Fridge Installation Manual for RMS8501 absorption Fridge

Operation Manual for Dometic RMS8501 Fridge Operation Manual for RMS8501 Camping Fridge

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Model RMS8501
Gross Capacity (litres)

Without freezer compartment: 96

With freezer compartment: 90

Inc. freezer compartment: 9

Cooling Capacity

Refrigerator +7°C, freezer compartment up to -12°C at ambient temperatures up to 32°C (equivalent to climate class SN)

Energy Sources 12V/230V/LPG
Dimensions (mm) H821 x W525 x D569
Net Weight (kg) 26
Material Cabinet, door and panel: plastic
Colour Cabinet: black-grey, Door: silver-grey
Gas Ignitor Electronic Gas Ignition
Gas Control Thermostat

Maximum Input


Electric 230v (watts)

Electric 12v (watts)






Electric kWh/24 hrs

Gas g/24 hrs


2.0 - 2.2

250 - 270

  • Removable freezer
  • Innovative locking system with fingertip-opening
  • Flexible and functional shelf-system
  • Less energy consumption
  • Manual Energy Selector [MES] with electronic gas ignition, thermostatic control for all operating modes
Test Marks Certified to European Gas Appliance Directive 90/396/EEC, e-approved to 2006/28/EC (Automotive EMC Directive)