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Dometic RM8551 Caravan Fridge

Modern absorption fridge for use in motorhomes and caravans

Dometic 8 Series RM8551 caravan fridge

Easy to use, stylish and ultra-efficient. The Dometic RM8551 fridge sets new standards for absorption refrigerators. Innovative designs and colourful accents transform the high-quality appliances into stylish design pieces. On the outside, décor panels help them blend in with furniture while the inside is illuminated with energy efficient LED lights that radiate a pleasant cool blue light. A host of user friendly features add the finishing touch. The Dometic RM8551 fridge is available with the MES system (Manual Energy Selector) which has an electronic reigniter, which registers a dying flame and reignites it. Simply turn the controls to select the energy source manually, thermostatic control for all energy sources. The 8-Series models consume up to 15% less 12 V energy when operating on gas.

Dometic motorhome fridge RM8551

Caravan fridge RM-8551Dometic RM-8551 Diagram

Features on RM8551 Campervan fridges

  • Full width removable freezer compartment: 12 litre's.
  • Optimised use of the interior space.
  • MES - Manual Energy Selector
  • Thermostatic control for all operating modes
  • Fingertip door opening
  • Interior light.
  • Door with magnetic seal, replaceable door seals
  • Door locking with vent option.
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Flexible arrangement of shelves.
  • Dometic RM8551 Campervan fridges come in left or right hand hinge.
  • Ergonomic door shelves with leakage protection.
  • Dometic RM8551 Campervan fridges has a tilt tolerance of 6 degree.
  • 3-way: 12 Volt DC + 230 Volt AC + gas (30 mbar).
  • RM8551 Refrigerator +7°C, freezer up to -12°C at up to 32°C ambient temperatures.
  • Dometic RM 8551 replaces old model 7-series Dometic RM7551.
  • For caravans, campervan and rv motorhomes.

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Operation Manual for Dometic RM8551 Operation Manual for Dometic RM8551

Installation Manual for RM8551 Absorption Fridge Installation Manual for RM8551 Fridge

Dometic RM8551 3 way 122 Litre caravan gas fridges (formerly Electrolux) single door model.

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Model RM8551
Gross Capacity (litres)

Without freezer compartment: 122

With freezer compartment: 115

Inc. freezer compartment: 12

Cooling Capacity

Refrigerator +7°C, freezer compartment up to -12°C at ambient temperatures up to 32°C (equivalent to climate class SN)

Energy Sources 12V/230V/LPG
Dimensions (mm) H821 x W525 x D624
Net Weight (kg) 29
Material Cabinet, door and panel: plastic
Colour Cabinet: black-grey, Door: silver-grey
Gas Ignitor Electronic Re-Ignition
Gas Control Thermostat

Maximum Input


Electric 230v (watts)

Electric 12v (watts)






Electric kWh/24 hrs

gas g/24 hrs


2.1 - 2.3

250 - 270

  • Removable freezer
  • Innovative locking system with fingertip-opening
  • Flexible and functional shelf-system
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less weight up to 10%
  • Manual Energy Selector [MES] with electronic gas ignition, thermostatic control for all operating modes
Test Marks Certified to European Gas Appliance Directive 90/396/EEC, e-approved to 2006/28/EC (Automotive EMC Directive)