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Truma S3002 Heater

Caravan & motorhome Heating Solutions UK

The Trumatic S 3002 LPG gas heater is very economical yet highly efficient and therefore perfect for your caravan.


Trumatic S3002 caravan and motorhome heater
  • Available with the option of a 1.5 V auto igniter (Trumatic S 3002) or piezo igniter (Trumatic S 3002 P)
  • Option of current-free operation without a fan
  • Cover available in different colours
  • Exhaust duct through roof
  • Warm air is evenly distributed
  • Economical gas consumption (approx. 95% efficiency)

*Please Note: prices below for the S3002 and S3002P are for the heater only. The outer fascia is available at an additional cost. See accessories.

Trumatic S3002 heater with automatic ignition

Trumatic S3002P heater with Piezo ignition


Click here for installation instructions for the Trumatic S3002 caravan gas heater
Click here for operating instructions for the Trumatic S3002 caravan gas heater


Trumatic S 3002 Caravan and Motorhome Heater
Energy source
Liquid gas (propane/butane)
Operating pressure
30 mbar
Rated thermal output
3400 W
Fuel consumption
30–280 g/h
9,8 kg
Part no.
31311-01/ 31291-01