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Seitz Mini Heki Roof Light UK

A smaller sized replacement window for caravans and motorhomes

Maximise on light

The small size of the Seitz Mini Heki Rooflight makes it an ideal roof window solution for compact areas in your caravan or motorhome. It's doubled glazed, aerodynamically shaped dome maximises the amount of light that can be accessed to your vehicle and is easily opened with the handy crank system.

Adjustable for ventilation and weather

The Seitz Mini Heki benefits from it's ability to be opened into 3 different positions: full, half or 'bad weather' to prevent strong rain from penetrating your caravan, campervan or motorhome, and to keep strong winds from lifting the panel off. Made from a robust and weather proof ASA specially designed for caravans, the Mini Heki comes ready and easy to install and is available with or without forced ventilation.

What’s the difference?

With Forced Ventilation

This allows air in even when closed, this roof light is for caravans, and caravans should have ventilation at all times.

Without Forced Ventilation

This means when the roof light is closed it is totally sealed, i.e. no ventilation, this option is for motorhomes, if a motorhome owner had the "forced ventilation" option there would be a wind sound from the roof light while travelling.

  • Double glazed, aerodynamic shaped glass dome made of unbreakable Polycarbonate and tinted light grey.
  • Inner and outer pane are glued together, so easy to clean
  • Opens in 3 positions: completely open, half open and bad weather position
  • With the glass overlapping the sides, and the outer frame stands up, so no water can splash inside when the glass dome is in bad weather position
  • Easiest possible adjustment of the glass dome by means of a handy operating lever; the dome is automatically locked when closed
  • Frame made of durable, weatherproof ASA
  • Version without compulsory ventilation comes with lateral runners - reducing the incidence of light between frame and simple-patterned blind
  • Available with or without fixed ventilation
seitz mini heki roof light
Technical Data
Weight (kg)
Cut-out (mm)
400 x 400
Installation Area
550 x 510
Possible Roof Thickness (mm)
25 - 60
Max. opening angle (approx.)

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Item Details
Roof Thickness
Item Code
Buy Now / Price
Seitz Mini Heki Rooflight Without Forced Ventilation
25-42 mm


Seitz Mini Heki Rooflight Without Forced Ventilation
43-60 mm


Seitz Mini Heki Rooflight With 15sq cm Forced Ventilation
25-42 mm


Seitz Mini Heki Rooflight With 15sq cm Forced Ventilation
43-60 mm



Seitz Mini Heki S Caravan Rooflight
Seitz Mini Heki S Rooflight - Small Roof windows, great effect.

Seitz Mini Heki S Caravan Rooflight

Technical Data
Weight (Kg)
Cut Out (mm)
400 x 400
Opening Area (mm)
500 x 500
Possible roof Thickness (mm)
23 - 60
Mini Heki S is designed for standard roof openings (400 x 400mm) and is easy to open thanks to its handles.
  • Inner frame with blackout and fly screen (can be adjusted separately)
  • Easy to use handles
  • Forced Ventilation
  • Maximum adjustable height: approx. 80mm
  • Five positions
  • Single Acrylic Glazing
  • For Roof thickness of 23-60mm
Item Details
Item Code

Seitz Mini Heki S Caravan Rooflight - With Forced Ventilation - For 23-42mm roof




Seitz Mini Heki S Caravan Rooflight - With Forced Ventilation For 43-60mm roof



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