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Thetford Premium LCD N145 Caravan Fridge

A large, automatic absorption fridge from Thetford

Stupendous space for refrigeration and freezing

As one of the larger models from Thetford refrigerators, the Thetford Premium LCD N145 Caravan Fridge contains a myriad of space for food and drink, including a powerful freezer compartment that sits above the cooler (with a gross capacity of 140 litres, including 23 for the freezer) and will make a fantastic, reliable addition to your caravan or motorhome.

Intelligently receptive

The Thetford N145 Fridge features a Smart Energy Selection (SES) system which automatically selects the best energy source available (using an electric ignition, even when gas is selected), and also benefits from the addition of an ever popular LCD display, as well as an intuitive defrost cycle and self diagnosis.

Flexible and secure storage

With 3 shelves, 3 door racks, a vegetable bin and a flexible bottle slide and bottle retainer (to keep even big bottles from sliding around whilst you're driving), the Thetford N145 fridge is an adjustable, intelligent double door model that incorporates key safety features which will ensure a securely shut door, and stable contents.

thetford n145 deluxe caravan absorption fridge



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Thetford N3145

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Model Premium LCD N-145
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1245 x 525 x 543 mm
Gross volume of the Thetford N145 inc. freezer (litres) 140
Volume of freezer (litres) 23
Wheel arch model available No
Operation Electric Energy Selection / Smart Energy Selection
Thetford N145 Display LCD
Automatic defrosting cycle Yes
Input 230v (kWh/24h) 4
Input Gas (gr./24h) 420
Weight 38/39 kg